The regular run of the mill filter cartridges get clogged overtime and breed bacteria. While these filters There is no mechanism in these filters to control bacterial growth. The Sanic cartridge filters are designed with the effective microban technology that disrupts the biological functioning of bacteria and kills them. The antimicrobial silver based active ingredient is widely distributed, so that every single pore of Sanic melt blown cartridge filter actively participates in antibacterial treatment. The filter is designed using atoxic materials safe for potable water. In addition to being completely hygienic and safe, the filter cartridges have maximum chemical compatibility.

Features and Benefits
  • Premium grade polypropylene filter medium
  • Infused with bacteriostatic technology
  • Completely hygienic and safe cartridge filter
  • Maximum chemical compatibility
  • Maximum operating temperature: 45°C (113°F)
  All PP Melt Blown Cartridge Filters are:
  • Available for a wide range of applications and industries
  • Engineered for superior filtration, higher thermal stability and a long service life
  • Available in different length and material variants
  • Made from premium-grade virgin polypropylene
For part numbers & ordering information of custom filter elements please contact Gopani.

Melt Blown Cartridge Filters

Melt blown filter cartridges are produced from polymer granules, mostly polypropylene. The granules are melted, extruded, and blown onto a rotating spindle in such a fashion tha...

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String Wound Cartridge Filters

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Pleated Cartridge Filters

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Resin Bonded Cartridge Filters (gRBC)

gRBC are our resin bonded cartridge filters. They are so called because they are produced from fibres which are bonded with phenolic resin. This kind of construction imparts exc...

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Metallic Sintered Cartridge Filters

One of the biggest advantages of metallic filter elements is that they can be easily backwashed and that too for hundreds of cycles without impacting the performance. We are ful...

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Clarycarb Activated Carbon Blocks

These filter cartridges are produced solely from activated carbon and are also referred to as activated carbon blocks. Meticulously sourced superior quality coconut shell is uti...

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Washable Net Cartridge Filters

These filter cartridges are ideal for pre-filtration, especially for removal of coarse particles. They have a simple construction wherein a net, protected by a cage, is used for...

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Radial Cartridges (UHMWPE)

Radial cartridge filters are unique in that they have a moulded one-piece structure, and despite having a pleated media they don’t need any protective cage. These filters are pr...

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