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Our Story

It was a humble beginning in 1991 when our company’s founder, Mr. Pathik Gopani, set out to build a business in filtration. That was an era when filtration was not an industry in India. But challenges, due to lack of filtration solutions, existed and he was brimming with passion to solve those issues which various industries faced. He did whatever it would take to offer a solution, whether it meant importing filter elements or constructing filtration systems.

Today the objective and passion remain the same; the only difference is that we have our team members spread across the country, and we own modern manufacturing facilities to build world-class filtration systems. Each member of our team exudes relentless enthusiasm to assist the clients and drive Gopani further. While we continue serving our Indian clientele with our fullest potential, we are also creating team and resources to rapidly expand our international clientele.

The Path Ahead

Ever since beginning, our urge to help the clients and achieve rapid growth has been on an upward spiral. Owing to this, we have managed to maintain double digit growth year on year. Team keeps expanding and so does our passion. We started as a small enterprise and today not only have we grown but we have a set of companies operating under our aegis. We are already a leading company in filtration and are on our way to become a conglomerate.

We have a large client base in India and a rapidly expanding clientele in the countries outside India. We believe we have what it takes to become one of the topmost filtration solution providers in the world. Even at this stage we continue to think the way we did when we started, and that is one of our foremost driving factors.

What Can You Expect Of Us?

We are undoubtedly the experts in filtration but that isn’t enough to fuel the growth of a company. It takes a lot more than that. The culture of the company, the spirit of the team, the impulse to accept challenges and solve them, the work-life balance of team-members: these are the factors that contribute to the growth of organization.

We grow only if the team-members grow. We can create a good culture only if they are happy. To keep them happy we offer them a healthy work environment. We believe that if you get to do what you love to do you can scale up fast; to ensure this we have kept a simplistic hierarchy.

When you work with us, you are not only allowed to but are expected to carry the entrepreneurial spirit. That is the secret to our success. So, if you feel that you would enjoy being a part of such a team, check the open positions below. If you don’t find the one that matches your skill, write to us at

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