Gopani’s Clarypleat PTFE capsule filters are sturdy, highly porous, and incredibly versatile in operating conditions that involve aggressive solvents, strong acids, and bases. The filter cartridge is also resistant to high temperatures. Clarypleat PTFE capsule filters are made from industry-standard 100% PTFE membranes, a hydrophobic and non-wetting material known for its chemical inertness. The filter capsules provide a superior flow and high particle removal efficiency. The high-density filter medium protects fluids from humidity and steam. Perfect for retention rating of 0.1. 0.2, 0.45 and 0.8 micron.

 Features and Benefits:-


  • Broad chemical and thermal compatibility.
  • Validated retention ratings for reliable and consistent performance.
  • Highly optimized configuration provides high flow with longer service life.
  • Constructed by advanced thermal welding techniques to seal all components.
  • Various micron ratings from 0.05 μm to 1μm & configurations for a variety of application requirements.
  • Fully integrity tested.
  • Gas filtration in pharma and food industry.
  • Air filtration – for e.g. compressed air.
  • Filtration of aggressive solvent, organic chemical, non-aqueous product solution.
  • Fermenter vent, Tank vent, autoclave and lyophilizers.
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