Clarypleat HE

An ideal pleated cartridge filter for applications where higher efficiency and longer life are desired.

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Clarypleat 5000

Pleated cartridge filters with very high efficiency.

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Clarypleat CPU

Pleated cartridge filters designed specifically for condensate polishing units of power plants.

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Clarypleat TMP

This pleated cartridge filter has thick filter media which makes it capable of filtering or separating gels and agglomerates.

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Clarypleat NE

Pleated cartridge filter, with nominal efficiency, for general non-demanding applications.

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Clarypleat HF

Large-sized pleated cartridge filter element. Meant for achieving higher flow with the constraint of space. Efficient filtratio...

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Clarypleat PTFE

This cartridge filter has PTFE membrane as filter media. PTFE has extraordinary resistance to temperature and chemicals, owing ...

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Clarypleat PES

With PES membrane as filter media, these filters are ideal for filtering aqueous solutions in sterile environment.

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Clarypleat N66

Pleated Cartridge filters with Nylon 66 as filter media for better chemical compatibility and mechanical strength.

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