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At Gopani, we’ve had quite a journey from a small enterprise in 1991 to a foremost organization in Indian filtration industry. Along with growing the parent company, we’ve bought over Uniexcel, which has a huge base of industrial clientele. We have also started two more companies under our aegis. So, we are focussed on becoming a conglomerate in filtration. We own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and have our team-members spread across India. Along with being a manufacturer of filter elements and filtration systems, we continue doing our core activity: utilizing our expertise to solve challenges faced by the industries.

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Our Vision

To be amongst the topmost filtration
solution providers in the world.
To constantly work towards creating newer solutions. To keep on expanding our client base within and outside of India. To continually add
new members to our already huge team of filtration experts. To become a filtration conglomerate in India.

With our comprehensive array of products, we are able to serve and satisfy application requirements across the platform, and across the technological spectrum. Whether the application environments involve high pressure or high temperature, highly corrosive elements, high-viscosity fluids, or demands ultra-fine, micro or coarse filtration, Gopani has optimal product solutions for it. From non-standard to highly sophisticated applications, from simple straining to fully automated micron-filtration systems, whatever the need or challenge, there is always a solution with Gopani.

Precision and Quality

Gopani Product Systems determines and manages the appropriate work environment required to achieve conformity to product requirements. The work environment consists of the manpower, plant and equipment, the processes in place as well as the collaborative team-based work environment that is a part of our company culture and essential to both our present and future success.