Gopani is one of the leading suppliers of uPVC filter housings and a pioneer who introduced uPVC housings in India. The advantage of using Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC) filter housings is excellent resistance to UV and atmospheric oxygen. We are now introducing the all-new and improved range of Polyfilt Bag filter housings and Cartridge filter housings (third generation) with increased operating pressure, better hydro pressure, and higher flow rate.

Made from 100% UPVC material Polyfilt 3.0 can most effectively replace your stainless-steel filter housing and work like a dream in corrosive and harsh operating conditions.

10 superpowers of Gopani’s uPVC filter housings (Gen 3)

  1. Corrosion-resistant
  2. Increased operating pressure
  3. better hydro pressure
  4. higher flow rate
  5. Highly secure seal system
  6. Wide chemical compatibility
  7. Molded body
  8. Sturdy construct
  9. High precision filter
  10. Higher filtration efficiency

What’s new?

  • 6 bar Operating pressure
  • 11 bar Hydrotest pressure
  • 54 m³/hour flow rate

Polyfilt CF

uPVC Cartridge Filter Housings (Gen 3) to Replace Stainless Steel Housings

Polyfilt CF UPVC cartridge filter housings are engineered to handle high flow requirements. It is a highly popular choice for point of entry home water purification and the first choice of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).


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Polyfilt BF

uPVC Bag Filter Housings (Gen 3) to Replace Stainless Steel Housings

Polyfilt BF UPVC bag filter housings offer excellent resistance to UV and atmospheric oxygen. These housings are also unaffected by salts, hence are ideal solution for filtration applications in sea water and corrosive fluids processing.

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Uncompromised Quality

We have a thorough quality check process for all the products, whether manufactured in-house or sourced from vendors. This way we ensure that any product that moves out of our facility is consistently of the best quality.

uPVC Filter Housing Variants

All the variants of uPVC filter housing from Gopani, are designed for various types of industrial filtration requirements. Gopani team can help you to choose the correct variant for your application to not only improve the quality of filtration but also bring down the cost of filtration in the long run.

Industry leader in High-Quality uPVC filter housing

Gopani is a filtration expert and a supplier of the finest quality filtration equipment for the last three decades. Commitment to quality and excellent customer service makes Gopani the best filtration solution provider. Our clientele comprises of customers who do not prefer anything less than the best.

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Industries we serve!

Why Choose Gopani?

Who we are

  • Advanced Filtration & Separation solutions provider for the last 30 Years
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Quality conscious and customer-focused

What we do

  • Maintain a large inventory
  • Test all products for quality before they move out of our facility
  • Fulfill short delivery period requirements
  • Offer ready to dispatch low-cost pilot scale units
  • Provide technical support to choose the right variant
  • Provide excellent after-sales support

UPVC Filter Housings – A Sureshot Solution Filtering for Corrosive Liquids

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You can approach us for any of your filtration related issues, we will be happy to work with you.