Advanced Filtration Solutions for Chemicals and Solvents

In processing both industrial and consumable chemicals clarity and purity is of the essence. To achieve this – it is crucial to implement effective filtration techniques, and filtration equipment engineered to withstand the operating conditions of chemical processing. It is also important that the application requirements are closely analyzed and a perfect plan is formulated to optimize the processes and ensure filtration excellence. In addition to all this, availability of the best filtration equipment and easy, quick and transparent process of buying these filters is paramount.

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From processing of highly volatile chemicals, reactive solvents and corrosive liquids to stripping of catalysts and recovery of precious metals, we have the perfect combination of filtration products and consumables for all your applications.

Worried about frequent mechanical seal leaks and HTF loss?

Ignoring the health of your heat transfer fluids often leads to quality deterioration, and will have an impeding effect on the entire process. Knowing what causes the quality of these fluids to deteriorate is your first step to resist these attacks and optimize the efficiency of these fluids Filtering out these contaminants from the heat transfer fluid will increase the service life of HTF and reduce the frequency and cost of maintenance – hence reducing your CAPEX/OPEX.

How can your Heat Transfer Fluid benefit from Gopani’s HTF Filtration System?
Want to implement a smart filtration system for HTF?

Difficulty in filtering high viscosity mastics and sealants?

High viscosity sealants and mastics are used as an adhesive to bind expensive engine parts, they prevent water ingress and corrosion of joints. The quality of these viscosity mastics and sealants cannot be compromised, and hence a compatible filtration system is crucial. In order to produce a high-quality end product, operators can turn to high pressure filtration systems with specific particulate removal capabilities, high dirt holding capacity and materials that are compatible with highly viscous substances. Gopani has developed specialty filter housings and compatible cartridge filters for processing highly viscous and waxy solvents – that can be customized to suit individual needs.

Not achieving desired filtration output due to non-compatibility of filtration products?

Achieving desired output and optimized filtration processes is all about implementing a system of filtration products and consumables that are compatible. Manufacturing our own filtration equipment allows us to tailor products using duplex, super duplex, C22 and stainless steel. Additionally, we also enhance product compatibility by treating surfaces to avoid contaminant retention on them. Small details like part number coding, clamp closure or seated Buna-N/Silicon/Viton ‘O’ ring sealing go a long way and result in eliminating accidental misplacement, lower pressure drop at high flow rate, zero bypass, longer service life and more.

Looking for filtration systems that are compatible?

Aspire to maximize recovery of precious metal from spent catalyst?

Many chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical processes use catalysts bearing precious metals like platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold. After repeated usage when the catalyst becomes totally deactivated, precious metals are recovered from the catalyst and its value is maximized. At every step of recovery, filtration is one of the prime requirements. The extraction is done in multiple stages ensuring recovery to +99.95%.

Our experts have extensively worked with special metal recovery units, and have vast experience and understanding of problems that may slow down or adversely affect the recovery process. We have a wide range of filtrations solutions specific for applications across the whole process and every step of Catalyst Recovery.

For best results in precious metal recovery from spent catalysts

Low solvent recovery is eating into your profit margins?

Solvents loss is a key factor affecting the cost of production.  An efficient solvent recovery process brings these costs down. As a result, manufacturers take stock of Kilograms of solvent lost against the kilograms of production regularly, keep an eye on solvent losses and take the needful steps to optimize recovery.

Solvent recovery experts at Gopani, can help you select a premium grade activated carbon variant for solvent vapor recovery system. Our team also offers guidelines for parameters like Superficial Velocity, contact time, isotherms of various solvents, absorption capacity and expected life of Activated Carbon.

Handling corrosive liquids and reactive chemicals?

Reactive chemicals and corrosive liquids range from acids to alkalis to oxidizing agents and transition metals. All these substances are extremely harsh, and only a corrosion resistant material can survive contact. Hence it is important that when filtration process involves contact with reactive or corrosive liquids, a filtration system that is made of resistant material or coated with material that repels these chemicals and does not let them react with the material of the housing or the filter cartridge is crucial.

Gopani manufactures a wide range of filter housings and consumables that are immune to chemical degradation and resistant to reactive liquids. Our team can analyze your requirement and suggest a suitable variant.

Want to shortlist a suitable variant for your specific requirements?

Need to solve cooling tower water treatment issues?

Cooling towers are the most cost-effective as compared to other cooling mechanisms. However, they too have their share of problems like high amount of blowdown, secondary waste treatment issues and efficiency issues. To make the process problem free – it is extremely important to choose the right cooling tower water treatment systems. Better feed water filtration, high quality side stream filtration, and filtering out scale and corrosion causing impurities is crucial.

Consult our cooling tower water treatment experts

Gopani Filtration Popular Product Choice For The Chemical Industry

  • Clarypleat Variants: The Clarypleat cartridge filters have a broad chemical and thermal compatibility. They are an excellent combination of higher surface area, higher dirt holding capacity, excellent micron ratings, and top-notch filtration performance. Apt for use in critical applications in the chemical industry.

  • Clarywound Variants: All the Clarywound variants from Goapni have high dirt holding capacity and long service life. The polypropylene variants are the best suited in all PH ranges. For high temperatures, we have the filter cartridges with ss core, and Glass fiber filter cartridges for extremely high-temperature applications.

  • Polypropelene filter housings: The Plastofilt BF and Plastofilte GF made of polypropylene are the perfect variants for filtration applications involving acidic solutions. They are leakage proof and can withstand the pressure and the atmospheric adversities.

  • Clary-T Filter Housings: The Clary T consists of best in class twin-pod systems and filter vessels. They designed to accommodate a wide range of particle removal, flow, pressure, and retention ratios. The dual filter housing orientation and smartly designed piping allows uninterrupted filtration and minimal production loss. If PH is alkaline the regular stainless-steel housing is perfect, if PH is acidic, we recommend polypropylene housing with rubber lining.

  • RO protect Extreme: The spun cartridge filter is a weld-free continuous length variant with thermal seal caps free of binders and adhesives. Ideal for filtration in weak acids & bases, chemicals, and solvents.

  • Activated Carbon: We have proven grades of Activated carbon for various applications like solvent recovery, amine purification, trace metal removal, and more. We also offer technical consultation and guidelines for parameters like superficial velocity, contact time, isotherms of various solvents, absorption capacity and expected life of Activated Carbon.

  • ClarySEA FRP filter housings: The Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) filter housings are lighter than the SS housings, yet extremely robust and abrasion-resistant. When involved with acidic PH we recommend FRP filter housings with PP lining

  • Clarysynt: Clarysynt metallic cartridge filter has high tensile strength and is engineered to withstand high pressure and high temperatures. Used typically in bulk handling and trapping of catalyst at downstream of Reactor. Also used in situ Washing/Steaming of cake.

  • Automatic backwash: Fully automatic self-cleaning filters for depth, surface, or cake filtration.

  • Alpha cellulose power: We offer the world’s finest quality cellulose fibers for your filtration needs. Produced from natural and renewable raw materials.

Our specialty filtration products and consumables are used for a broad range of applications (including but not limited to) :

  • Slurry Filtration
  • Catalyst and salt recovery
  • Deionized (DI) water filtration
  • Emission control
  • Feedstock filtration
  • Feedstock/Water Purification
  • Fermentation broth clarification
  • Final product filtration/clarification
  • Phase separation (liquid/liquid separation, Liquid/Gas Separation, Liquid/Solid Separation)

Tired of settling for extremely high-priced products from hegemonic corporate or extremely low cost and equally low-quality Chinese products?

Source filtration equipment from experienced and certified manufacturers directly at a very reasonable price and uncompromised quality.

Gopani -The better Alternative

Buying filters from Gopani is easy, quick, and transparent. It will leave you happy and with money in your pocket.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, and all our products are manufactured to perfection in a highly regulated environment. All the products undergo thorough quality checks before they are dispatched to our customers.

Our team is backed by years of experience and expertise in implementing filtration solutions for the chemical industry. If you have any challenges or want to device simple solutions to filtration problems – talk to our experts.

With Gopani as your filtration partner, you will see positive changes like:

  • Increased product yield
  • Reduced unplanned downtime’s
  • Reduced disposal problems
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Reduced CAPEX/OPEX

What makes our Filtration products and consumables better?

  • Premium quality Filtration equipment
  • Engineered to high precision
  • Greener and leaner design
  • Robust build to withstand operating conditions
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Long service life
  • Higher dirt holding capacity
  • Less disposal worries
  • Part number coding for traceability

How do we offer better solutions?

  • Maintain a large inventory – products are always available in stock
  • Engage in continuous research development and testing to engineer better filtration products
  • Design high efficiency products that lower client’s cost of ownership
  • Test all products for quality before they move out of our facility
  • No long waiting times – Quick delivery
  • Fulfil short delivery period requirements
  • Offer ready to dispatch low-cost pilot scale units
  • Provide technical support to resolve filtration challenges and choose the right variant
  • Expert guidance when it comes to filtration solutioning
  • Remain extremely flexible, agile and updated to deliver latest and best solutioning
  • Highly approachable and helpful customer support team
  • Provide excellent after-sales support

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