Advanced Filtration Solutions for Chemicals and Solvents

Filtration Solutions to optimize your processes

The filtration applications in the chemical industry involve critical separations, catalyst stripping, solvent recovery, fine filtration, and purification of highly reactive solvents, corrosive liquids, chemical additives, and raw materials. Filtration equipment and systems from Gopani assure the highest degree of filtration, maximum product output, and reduced operational costs.

We have a wide range of filtration equipment variants designed for the filtration of chemicals. Choosing the correct product for your application requirements will largely impact the clarity and purity of products, cost of filtrations, and process efficiency.

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Popular Chemical Industry Applications where Gopani Filters are used:

  • Heat Transfer fluid Purification
  • Cooling Tower Water treatment
  • Pre-treatment of water
  • Effluent water treatment and COD control
  • Electroplating solution filtration for recirculation requires fine filtration
  • Hydrogen peroxide production
  • Heavy chemical processing
  • Precious metal recovery
  • Lubricants Manufacturing
  • Drug and drug intermediates production and processing

Make an informed choice while buying filtration equipment.

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Gopani filtration popular product choice for the chemical industry

  • Clarypleat Variants: The Clarypleat cartridge filters have a broad chemical and thermal compatibility. They are an excellent combination of higher surface area, higher dirt holding capacity, excellent micron ratings, and top-notch filtration performance. Apt for use in critical applications in the chemical industry.

  • Clarywound Variants: All the Clarywound variants from Goapni have high dirt holding capacity and long service life. The polypropylene variants are the best suited in all PH ranges. For high temperatures, we have the filter cartridges with ss core, and Glass fiber filter cartridges for extremely high-temperature applications.

  • Polypropelene filter housings: The Plastofilt BF and Plastofilte GF made of polypropylene are the perfect variants for filtration applications involving acidic solutions. They are leakage proof and can withstand the pressure and the atmospheric adversities.

  • Clary-T Filter Housings: The Clary T consists of best in class twin-pod systems and filter vessels. They designed to accommodate a wide range of particle removal, flow, pressure, and retention ratios. The dual filter housing orientation and smartly designed piping allows uninterrupted filtration and minimal production loss. If PH is alkaline the regular stainless-steel housing is perfect, if PH is acidic, we recommend polypropylene housing with rubber lining.

  • RO protect Extreme: The spun cartridge filter is a weld-free continuous length variant with thermal seal caps free of binders and adhesives. Ideal for filtration in weak acids & bases, chemicals, and solvents.

  • Activated Carbon: We have proven grades of Activated carbon for various applications like solvent recovery, amine purification, trace metal removal, and more. We also offer technical consultation and guidelines for parameters like superficial velocity, contact time, isotherms of various solvents, absorption capacity and expected life of Activated Carbon.

  • ClarySEA FRP filter housings: The Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) filter housings are lighter than the SS housings, yet extremely robust and abrasion-resistant. When involved with acidic PH we recommend FRP filter housings with PP lining.

  • Clarysynt: Clarysynt metallic cartridge filter has high tensile strength and is engineered to withstand high pressure and high temperatures. Used typically in bulk handling and trapping of catalyst at downstream of Reactor. Also used in situ Washing/Steaming of cake.

  • Automatic backwash: Fully automatic self-cleaning filters for depth, surface, or cake filtration.

  • Alpha cellulose power: We offer the world’s finest quality cellulose fibers for your filtration needs. Produced from natural and renewable raw materials.

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