Advanced Filtration Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

Filtration is as indispensable process across an array of applications involving the production, transportation and refining process in the oil and gas industry. Failure to remove the dissolved and dispersed contaminants causes damage to the upstream and downstream equipment leading to frequent change-outs, higher operational costs and increased downtimes. If pre-filtration and filtration of liquids like lubricants, catalysts and solvents is of the highest standards, the expensive oil and gas machinery remains in good health and works flawlessly for a long time. Ineffective filtration become a costly mistake; hence it is the best to invest in good quality filtration systems.

Gopani has a perfect mix of filtration equipment for a surprisingly diverse range of applications specific to the oil and gas industry. We collaborate closely with the clients, to help them procure a solution/filtration equipment that is the most suitable for their requirement.

Key Takeaways!

  • Engineered for maximum filtration efficiency
  • Longer service life
  • Less changeouts
  • Less downtime
  • Less operating costs

Gopani Product Mix for Filters used in Oil and Gas Industry

  • Clarysorb OFW: The Clarysorb oil from water cartridge filter effectively removes up to 99% dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons from water. The filter is constructed from surface modified fiber, polypropylene core and end caps, protected by a polyethylene netting. Highly suitable for use after coalescing and bulk removal techniques.

  • RO Protect HF: The pleated cartridge filter has a gradient pore structure and can handle up to 110m3/h flow rate. It is a very compact system and works on inside-out flow mechanism that prevents contamination even during change-outs. The high flow pleated cartridge filters are used for filtration of raw water, brines for workover/completion operations etc.

  • Clarypleat 5000: The pleated cartridge filter is engineered from absolute glass fiber media to achieve a beta ratio of 5000 at rated microns. The large filter area and depth filtration provides increased filtration efficiency and longer service life to the filter.

  • Clarypleat HE: The high efficiency pleated cartridge filters contain no chemicals, surfactants or binders hence there is zero worry of chemical leeching, media migration or any other typical problems of channelling. Most suitable for pre-filtration or as final filters for bulk filtration – where filtration efficiency is crucial.

  • Clarysynt Metallic: The industry standard metallic filter cartridges are ideal for high temperature and high-pressure applications. Manufactured from randomly laid metal fibres, sinter-bonded to form a uniform porosity filter medium the filter demonstrates excellent dirt holding capacity, low pressure drop and high permeability.

  • Clarywound 3X: The string wound cartridge filter provides three times higher dirt holding, and three times longer service life, resulting in three times higher savings. A true multi-layered micronic gradient filter for various filtration applications in the oil and gas industry.

  • Clary-T Filter Housings: The Clary T consists of best in class twin pod systems and filter vessels. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of particle removal, flow, pressure and retention ratios. The dual filter housing orientation and smartly designed piping allows uninterrupted filtration and minimal production loss.

Make Informed Choice While Buying Filtration Equipment

The Oil and gas industry has to tackle several challenges related to the environment and safety of the workforce. One of the topmost challenges is hydrocarbon vapour emission. Here’s a short article about vapours recovery in oil and gas industry!

Downstream Applications

  • Injection water
  • Produced water treatment
  • Brine filtration

Upstream Applications

  • Combustion fluid filtration
  • Catalyst filtration
  • Condensate dewatering
  • Rich amine treatment
  • Lubricant oil filtration

Benefits of Applying Effective and apt Filtration Solutions

  • Maintains reactor efficiency for a long time
  • Protects the Glycol system from contaminations that can cause foaming and solvent losses
  • Protects amine sweeting and tail gas treating units
  • Enables refiners to meet and maintain consistent product specification standards
  • Raises product yield and minimizes product reprocessing

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