Advanced Filtration Solutions for Pharmaceuticals, API production and Cosmetics

In the production of pharmaceuticals, APIs, and cosmetics, it is crucial to maintain sterile materials and a sterile environment for the integrity of products. Filtration plays a critical role in achieving these high purity goals. Maximizing the efficiency of filtration alleviates the risk of contamination and results in a high-quality product. Pharma companies always look for compatible filter systems and consumables of the highest quality. Gopani manufactures the highest quality sterile filtration equipment, filter systems, and consumables. The filter systems ensure filtration of the highest quality and also protect the membrane filters from clogging and fouling frequently. The filter systems and consumables work efficiently in harsh operating conditions and are compatible with reactive chemicals, solvents, and high temperatures, ensuring safe operations. All the filter equipment have a unique identification number providing complete traceability.

Gopani offers filtration solutions to protect your product and processes cost-effectively:

  • Depth filtration for precipitate control
  • Endotoxin and bioburden reduction
  • Solids removal recovery and reclaim
  • Sterilizing grade filtration
  • Solvent & Bulk Chemical Filtration
  • Utilities & Plant Services

Optimize the output quality/quantity and reduce the costs of active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing.

The APIs are primary components used in drugs. The manufacturing of these APIs poses numerous challenges like regulatory compliances and pricing arbitrages. Streamlining processes helps eliminate these challenges. Filtration is a critical process of API manufacturing and plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the end product. Investing in high-quality filter systems and consumables helps in maintaining sterile conditions and ensures high purity products. Check out filtration and pre-filtration products for API manufacturing below.

Want traceable products but worried that part number printed/etched on cartridge filter bleeding and contaminating your products?

Traceability means “the ability to trace the history, application or location of a product or component using recorded identifications.” Additionally, for filtration applications in API manufacturing, traceability/part number coding makes it easy to identify and replace cartridges into the original vessel after cleaning. As a result, cross-contamination risk reduces. Gopani uses unique technology for part number coding so that there is no possibility of ink bleeding or melting related contamination.

Scalable systems to handle large orders

Most of Gopani’s filter housings for the pharma industry have a smaller footprint, and the setup is easy to scale up for expansion or handling of larger orders. All the scalable products come with a CIP/SIP design.

Existing filter equipment plugs easily and is not compatible with harsh operating conditions?

If filter systems are not compatible with your application requirements, they will not filter efficiently. Gopani product systems manufacture filtration consumables that can withstand high temperatures, corrosive liquids, and reactive solvents. Good-quality filters last longer and filter efficiently, leading to fewer changeouts, fewer unplanned downtimes. You will experience a lower cost of ownership and lower CAPEX/OPEX.

simplify the decolorization process

Crystallization is a critical process in API manufacturing and often calls for efficient color reduction. For decolorization use of Activated carbon is common. For such applications, the selection of carbon is critical. Manufacturers explore the most compatible variant – whether powdered or granular filter media. Carbon block systems are also popular as they provide the convenience of a cartridge and a high surface area of carbon for effective results.

Safeguarding downstream processes via efficient particulate removal

In many API manufacturing processes, it is essential to introduce effective solids/particulate removal to protect the downstream processes. Filter systems that are not compatible with the operating conditions can lead to frequent plugging and clogging of the filters due to particle loading or swelling. Using cartridge filters with wide chemical compatibility and sturdy built that can withstand harsh operating conditions are apt.

What pharma companies need?

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Better production control
  • Better quality
  • Easy traceability with Part number coding
  • Vacuum packing
  • Price Benefit
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Constant improvement!!

Gopani Filtration Popular Product Choice for The Pharma Industry

Sanic Microbial Filter: The Sanic depth filters are antimicrobial products. Unlike the regular cartridge filters, they do not breed bacteria during production breaks. These cartridges have maximum chemical compatibility are hygienic, safe, and designed using a-toxic materials.  

Clarypleat Variants: The pleated cartridge filter variants from Gopani have an excellent combination of higher surface area, higher dirt holding capacity, excellent micron ratings, and top-notch filtration performance. The PTFE construction variants have extraordinary resistance to high temperatures and chemicals. Check out the Clarypleat series.

SS Filter Housings (ClaryT Series): Stainless steel housings are perfect when high precision is of utmost importance. Gopani manufactures sturdy high precision SS filter housings with highly compact and space-saving designs with CIP/SIP designs. Gopani provides suitable customizations as per the requirement and criticality of the application. Check out the ClaryT series

Bag Filters: Gopani’s filter bags are extremely low maintenance consumables. These filter bags have wide chemical compatibility and can sustain high flow rates and high-dirt-holding capacity. The filter’s polypropylene needle felt filter media are heat-treated to prevent downstream fiber migration. Pharma industry uses bag filters for clarification, API purification, Liquid-solid separation, and coarse filtration applications.

Clarysynt Metallic Filters: Clarysynt metal filter cartridges are an ideal solution for high temperature and pressure applications. Additionally, they offer excellent regeneration characteristics resulting in extended service life. The metallic filters are apt for various applications involving catalyst recovery, steam, gas filtration, pre-filtration, chromatography solvents, high viscous liquids, etc.

Fully validated filters for the Pharmaceutical, API production and Cosmetics Industry

Every pharmaceutical and API production process has a specific set of purity and sterilization requirement. The products have to be manufactured and processed safely, timely and economically in a sterile environment. Hence, the industry needs completely validated filters that will fulfil all the above requirements and more.

Where are the fully validated filters used in the pharmaceutical applications?

  • Sterile venting and sterile gas filtration
  • Bioburden reduction for final sterilization and filtration
  • Sterile filtration of final product
  • Prefiltration for solid impurities removal and removal of undissolved powders and impurities
  • Prefiltration to protect downstream equipment
  • Autoclave vent filtration to prevent external contamination in product
  • Sterile vacuum filtration and package sterilisation
  • All filtration application in drugs formulation, active ingredients and final medical compounds manufacturing.
  • Filtration processes in Media prep, buffer prep, cell culture harvesting and bioreactor support in biopharma production

Tired Of Settling For Extremely High-Priced Products Or Extremely Low Cost And Equally Low-Quality Products?

Source filtration equipment from experienced and certified manufacturers directly at a very reasonable price and uncompromised quality.

Gopani -The Better Alternative

Buying filters from Gopani is easy, quick, and transparent. It will leave you happy and with money in your pocket.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, and all our products are manufactured to perfection in a highly regulated environment. All the products undergo thorough quality checks before they are dispatched to our customers.

Our team is backed by years of experience and expertise in implementing filtration solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. If you have any challenges or want to device simple solutions to filtration problems – talk to our experts.

With Gopani as your filtration partner, you will see positive changes like:

  • Increased product yield
  • Reduced unplanned downtime’s
  • Reduced disposal problems
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Reduced CAPEX/OPEX

What Makes Our Filtration Products And Consumables Better?

  • Premium quality Filtration equipment
  • Engineered to high precision
  • Greener and leaner design
  • Robust build to withstand operating conditions
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Long service life
  • Higher dirt holding capacity
  • Less disposal worries
  • Part number coding for traceability

How Do We Offer Better Solutions?

  • Maintain a large inventory – products are always available in stock
  • Engage in continuous research development and testing to engineer better filtration products
  • Design high efficiency products that lower client’s cost of ownership
  • Test all products for quality before they move out of our facility
  • No long waiting times – Quick delivery
  • Fulfil short delivery period requirements
  • Offer ready to dispatch low-cost pilot scale units
  • Provide technical support to resolve filtration challenges and choose the right variant
  • Expert guidance when it comes to filtration solutioning
  • Remain extremely flexible, agile and updated to deliver latest and best solutioning
  • Highly approachable and helpful customer support team
  • Provide excellent after-sales support

Here is our Exclusive Range of Pharma Industry Pre-filtration Equipment

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