A Correctly Selected and Sized Prefilter Protects the Expensive RO Membranes and Increases their Service Life. Here are 5 Reasons Why – Using Compatible Prefilters is a Smart Choice. Read more.

Today the production of desalinated water is nearly 95.37 million cubic meters per day. If we go back in time, a few years ago, desalination was popular mainly in the Middle East. But today, it is used across the world in countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece, India, Italy, Japan. Read more.

Gopani brings to you 10 specialty variants designed for niche applications involving filtration of viscous fluids, aggressive chemicals, gels and agglomerates, and high temperature operating conditions. Read more.

Gopani – known for their high filtration efficiency and relatively fair price. Gopani’s filter cartridges have a lower environmental impact, hence disposal issues are less, require lower maintenance, less frequent change-outs and all this lowers the cost of ownership. Read more.

At every step of recovery, filtration is one of the prime requirements. The extraction is done in multiple stages ensuring recovery to +99.95%. Gopani Products Systems has wide range of filtrations solutions specific for applications across the whole process and every step of Catalyst Recovery. Read more.

Loop in the self-cleaning back washable Hydra Filters to your water treatment system. Replace your sand filters with “Hydra Filter”. Unlike the sand filter it does not clog easily, it is easy to transport, install and clean. It can be reused after back washing for numerous cycles. Read more.

The thick filter media, is perfect for removal of gels and agglomerates. Just like all the other products from Gopani, the RO protect HF DPP filters too have Higher dirt holding capacity, Higher filtration efficiency, Long service life. Read more.

We have been solving the industrial filtration challenges since 1993. Innovation has always been our core competence. So, we figured out early on that in various applications, you need a non-conventional material. This made us introduce UPVC filter housings in India. The best thing about these housings is their non-corrosive nature. Read more.

2nd strain of COVID 19 is more deadly. It is spreading fast and infecting many. To keep your employees safe and keep your business running seamlessly, provide a safe working environment to your frontline warriors…Read more

During these difficult times, while many people could stay at home and work from home, there were others who sooner or later had to get back to work, take up traveling and come in close contact with other people. For these people, who had to move out of their homes, either to work, to buy groceries, or to attend to family responsibilities, wearing a mask was..Read more

Clarywound CPU is a brand of cartridge filter produced especially for filtration systems of condensate polishing units. It is a string-wound filter that offers true depth filtration, high flow capacity, less pressure drop, and extremely low media migration. Read more

The company’s foundation is strengthened by its commitment to quality and consistency, and the commitment to bring only the highest quality products to its customers. Keeping up with these ethics, a year ago, UNIEXCEL Agencies and Services Pvt. Ltd. joined hands with Cabot Corporation. Read more