Gopani’s Clarywound CPU is a string wound cartridge filter specifically designed for condensate per-filtration. The wound filter cartridge is made from polypropylene yarn over a stainless-steel core is engineered to remove suspended solids to ensure smooth performance of condensate polishing units in power plants. Condensate water quality is a matter of high concern in Sub-critical and Super-critical turbines. Pre-filtration using Clarywound CPU eliminates the traces of iron, copper and silica that are present in the condensate and impedes scaling & corrosion in boiler tubes, loss of boiler’s thermal efficiency and plating on turbine blades.

Features and Benefits

  • High precision cartridge filter manufactured using best quality polypropylene yarn
  • True Gradient density achieved as a result of the modern manufacturing process
  • Effectively removes suspended solids to ensure smooth performance of CPU
  • Can be utilized in pre-existing filter housings
  • Available in variants up to 70 inches length
  • Pre-filtration for condensate polishing units in power plants.
  • Filter Media
    Polypropylene (Wound Type)
    End Cap
    Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel 304
  • Length
    60 inch to 70 inch
    Outer Diameter
    Standard (54 mm) , Others on request.
    Filtration Rating
    1, 5, 10 μm (nominal)
    Connection Type
    Connection Thread : M33 x 1.5, M33 x 2″, G-1″, 13/16″ BSW Bottom Thread M6, M8, M10
  • Max. Forward Differential Pressure
    3.0 bar @ 65 °C
    Temperature Rating
    Max. 82 °C
    Design Flow Rate
    2.2 ~ 2.8 m3/hr Design Flow Rate


Gopani’s wound filter cartridges for prefiltration of condensates are designed and manufactured for removal of Suspended solids commonly known as CRUDS generated due high velocities of steam/condensate. We also offer technical assistance to ensure positive sealing and prevent bypass.


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All Clarywound Cartridge Filters are:

• Customized to perfection based on application requirements
• Woven to offer a gradient depth for superior filtration
• Available in different length and material variants
• Designed to sustain low pressure drops and high flows
• 100% free from resin binders, lubricants, antistatic and release agents


All Clarywound Cartridges are readily available for your convenience. We also offer scheduled delivery service to fulfill your annual requirement of filter cartridges.

String Wound Cartridge Filter 20 inch 1 Micron, Wound Cartridge Filter 20 inch 1 Micron, String Wound Cartridge Filter 40 inch 10 Micron, Wound Cartridge Filter 50 inch 5 Micron, Wound Cartridge Filter 10 inch 1 Micron DOE, Wound Cartridge Filter 20 inch 5 Micron SOE, Wound Cartridge Filter 20 inch 5 Micron DOE with Endcap

To know how Clarywound CPU can help you resolve filtration issues for your specific applications.

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