Gopani’s Clarywound 3X wound cartridge filter comes with three times more filtration efficiency than a standard wound filter cartridge. Clarywound 3X cartridges are manufactured by proprietary CNC machining process to construct a true multi-layered micronic gradient, spread across a combination of five different cartridges. This results in higher dirt holding capacity, longer life with filtration load and consistent performance. 3X dirt holding capacity, 3X filter life and 3X savings.

Features and Benefits
  • High precision cartridge filter with three times dirt holding capacity
  • True multi-layered micronic gradient density achieved using CNC machining process
  • 3 times higher dirt holding capacity than a conventional string wound filter cartridge
  • 3 times higher efficiency means, 3 times less changeouts and 3 times less disposal costs
  • Customizable to suit your fitment requirements
  • Raw water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Electroplating
  • Power generation
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Filter Media
    Core / End Caps
    “O”-ring / Gasket
    Silicon , FKM , Buna-N , EPDM
  • 1, 5 µm.
  • Standard (OD 63 mm)
    ≥ 0.52 ft² per 10” cartridge length
  • Recommended change-out differential pressure
    0.14 MPa (1.4 bar; 20.3 psid) @ 21°C (69.8°F)
    Maximum operating temperature
    70°C ( 158°F ) [ Polypropylene with Polypropylene ]
  • Length
    10”, 20”, 30”, 40”
    Standard OD/ID
    63±0.5 / 27.5±0.5 mm


All Clarywound cartridges are the result of persistent efforts and innovation ingrained in our DNA. As the name suggests, the Clarywound cartridge brings to the table filtration excellence that is three time better and three times greater.


Check out other string wound cartridge filter variants:


All Clarywound Cartridge Filters are:

• Customized to perfection based on application requirements
• Woven to offer a gradient depth for superior filtration
• Available in different length and material variants
• Designed to sustain low pressure drops and high flows
• 100% free from resin binders, lubricants, antistatic and release agents


All Clarywound cartridges are readily available for your convenience. We also offer scheduled delivery service to fulfill your annual requirement of filter cartridges.

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