Most industrial processes require at least particulate free air for their unit operations.

Majority of the gas filtration applications require processing of large volumes of air/ gas with relatively low concentration of particulates. Some applications on the other hand need to ensure complete removal of microbial / viral contaminants from the inlet / exhaust air.

Depending on the needs of the process/ application, the air required can be just free of particles of specific size (e.g., for power generation, machine air for various pneumatic and compressed air systems) or needs to be devoid of any particulates and microbial contaminants (e.g. clean air for various intermittent hold tanks or for liquid transfer applications in food & beverage or pharmaceutical industry).

Clean, dry sterile air is required for more critical product contact applications (e.g. as sterile barriers/ contamination control elements for fermenters or bioreactors, in product transfer applications for API and pharmaceutical industry, Nitrogen blanketing applications in food / pharmaceutical industry).

Like air filters, vent filters also serve not only as sterile barriers for critical applications (by ensuring complete removal of viruses and microorganisms from the air/ gas – in Bi-directional flow mode), but also help maintain ambient pressure in the tanks during fluid transfers, thereby ensuring smooth process operations.

Vent filters are designed and installed considering the specific role they serve and should be sized accordingly. To ensure hassle free operations, vent filters should be sized considering not only the particulate load / process flow requirements but also the air flow requirements post steaming (for replacing steam with air), vacuum rating of the tanks, operational environmental (high moisture / dry), location of the tank and vent filter.

It is imperative to include appropriate safety margins, to consider installation of a coarse pre-filter and/or other safety device to minimize / prevent In-process down-times.

Some of the other critical factors to consider for vent filters housings are in-situ/ off-line integrity testing capability, condensate control (minimizing condensate formation using appropriately designed housings / piping, use of heat traced housings etc.), condensate removal using drainable housings, ease of filter change/ removal and CIP/SIP ability.

To meet these diverse requirements, Gopani Product Systems are designed and engineered to not only meet but exceed the stringent requirements of the target industry.

Industries Served:

  • Process industry
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Food and beverages
  • Dairy Industry
  • Wineries / Breweries
  • Pharmaceutical industry

    Typical applications (for Air/ Gas / Vent Filters):

    • Machine air
    • Pneumatic / compressed air systems
    • Storage / Hold tanks
    • Purified water hold tank
    • Product transfer vessels
    • Fermenters / Biorectors
    • Nitrogen Blanketing

    To meet the industry / application specific Air/ gas/ Vent filtration requirements, Gopani Product systems has designed state of the art filtration systems.

    Air/ Gas / Vent filtration systems have two major components:

    Both these components should possess specific quality features to achieve the desired output as per the needs of the industry and application.

    Characteristics of Air/ Vent filters:

    • Hydrophobic material of construction
    • High gas flow rates at low differential pressure
    • Bi-directional Air flow capability (in case of vent filters)
    • High Thermal and mechanical resistance
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Capable to endure adverse conditions for Long service life
    • Non-fiber releasing / Non particle shedding
    • Integrity testable filter (with correlated removal efficiency) – based on application
    • Capable to withstand multiple steam sterilization cycles (wherever relevant)
    • Meet the industry specific documentation, quality and regulatory requirements

    Features of Air/ Vent Filter Housings:

    • Designed and engineered to industry specific regulatory requirements
    • Low differential pressure (imperative for vent application)
    • Excellent drain ability for condensate removal
    • Steam-jacketed / Fitted with an electric heat tracer for reduction in condensate formation
    • Modular design – Single round / multiple round (For filter elements 5” – 40”/ 1- 5 rounds)
    • Bayonet style connections for secure fittings
    • Multiple end – connection options – TC clamp / Bolt Clamp
    • Engineered to withstand high temperature & pressure
    • Steam sterilizable
    • Configurable Vent and drain valves for application specific customization
    • Typical material of construction- Stainless steel (SS)
    • Fluid contact surface – SS Grade 316 L (UNS S31603; EN 1.4404)
    • Non -wetted material – SS Grade 304 (UNS S30400; EN 1.4301)
    • Surface finish – Mechanical polish / Electropolished
    • Seal materials comply with USP <88> Biological Reactivity Tests for Class VI Plastics

      Based on the wide-ranging industry experience and application knowledge, Gopani product systems offers a vast range of standard air/gas/vent filtration systems to choose from.

      To be able to provide your application / industry specific solution, we can also customize our offerings to meet your needs.

      Please visit our product specific pages for further details on our specific offerings.

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