Self-cleaning filters from the renowned brand Atlas Filtri are equipped to remove sediments, contaminants and unwanted deposits from the surface of the filter. Gopani is an authorised distributor for a host of self-cleaning filters that use backwash in counter current to guarantee maximum sediment removal and de-clogging of the filter surface. Backwashing is an effective preventive maintenance mechanism that increases the service life of the filter.

Hydra Rainmaster Trio

filter unit is a perfect fit for rainwater recycling.

filter unit is a perfect fit for rainwater recycling.

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Hydra Rainmaster Duo

Want to recycle rainwater? The Hydra Rainmaster Duo is a two-stage filter unit that effectively treats rainwater and recycles i...

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Hydra Trio

The Hydra Trio is a distinct product that boasts of a triple stage treatment with self-cleaning pre and post filtration cartrid...

The drain system blocks the reflux of ejected water for a highly efficient cleaning process.

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The Hydra is a single stage self-cleaning filter that effectively removes sediment deposits via counter current washing systems.

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Hydra Duo

Hydra DUO is a multistage self-cleaning filter that specialises in water filtration and treatment in multiple stages.

It is available in IN/Out connections of 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” with brass or plastic thread BSP and in 3/4” and 1” in plastic with NPT thread.

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