The Starflo filter bag system is an advanced alternative to standard bag filters. The key to the Starflo filtration system lies in the patent pending design of the Starflo retainer basket. It’s “star” shaped pleated core provides total 3 dimensional support for a bag filter with 98% more surface area than a standard size 2 filter. The Starflo basket fits into existing standard size 2 housing for easy retrofitting of existing systems.

Features and Benefits
  • Starflo is an advanced alternative to the standard bag filters or multiple cartridge filter systems.
  • Almost double filtration area compared to the standard size 2 bag.
  • Better dirt loading and longer service life.
  • Lower clean pressure drop.
  • Less downtime leading to higher production cycle, less changeout and lower inventory.
  • Unique “Clickfit” designed Starflo Bag creates positive sealing and eliminates fluid bypass.
  • Your existing bag filter housing can be retrofitted for this.
  • Higher flow capacity.

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