Clarypleat PVDF cartridge filters used the appropriate pre-filter layer, which can reduces the plugging rate of end-filter membrane effectively, and maximize extend the service life of two layer membranes and still have high flow rate. The optimized Clarypleat-D cartridge filters can provide longer service time than generic cartridge filters in most applications.

Clarypleat-D cartridge filters take use of the hydrophilic, high porosity Polyvinylidene fluoride membrane as pre-filter and end-filter. The optimized structure of Clarypleat-D cartridge filters specifically design to deal with broad variety of contaminants in various applications. Clarypleat-D cartridge filters can provide the highest process efficiency and minimizediltration costs.

The built-in pre-filter membrane significantly increases the total throughput and stability of flow rate. In most time of your filtration process, Clarypleat-D cartridge filters can provide high flow rate and low pressure drop due to the special design membrane for pre-filter and controlled high throughput end-filter membrane. Clarypleat-D can effectively reduce the operating costs of filtration system, the cost of replacement filters and downtime in many applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Broad chemical and thermal compatibility due to all Polypropylene construction.
  • Various retention ratings & configurations for variety of application requirements.
  • Highly customized configuration provides high flow with longer service life.
  • Micron ratings from 0.2 to 50 microns.
  • Constructed by advanced thermal welding techniques to seal all components.
  • Containing serum or peptone cell culture medium
  • Blood Filtration
  • The process material of downstream
  • Protein purification
  • The clarified cell cultures
  • Liquid sterilizing filtration in food and beverage industry
  • Pre & Final Filter Media
    Polyvinylidene fluoride
    Support, Endcaps, Cage, Core
    “O”-ring / Gasket
    Silicon , FKM , Buna-N , EPDM
  • 0.1, 0.22, 0.45 μmz
  • ≥ 0.6 m2 per 10” cartridge length
  • Recommended change-out differential pressure
    0.24 MPa (2.4 bar; 34.8 psid) @ 21°C (69.8°F)
    Maximum operating temperature
    80°C ( 176°F )
  • Length
    10”, 20”, 30”, 40”
    69±1.5 mm (2.71” ±0.04”)
  • Bacterial Endotoxin
  • Autoclave
    30 cycles of 30 min@124°C
    20 cycles of 60 min@134°C
    Steam In-place
    30 cycles of 60 min@124°C, ∆P ≤ 0.5 bar
    20 cycles of 60 min@134°C, ∆P ≤ 0.5 bar

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