Clarypleat CPU are pleated cartridge filters designed specifically for condensate filtration. The filtration media and the core are both made up of polypropylene which means good thermal resistance and chemical compatibility with a wide array of elements. The pleated filter media offers large surface area, hence these filters offer high flow rate at lower pressure drop. Clarypleat CPU ensures efficient removal of fine particles to protect the condensate polishers.

Features and Benefits

  • High quality filter media for high efficiency filtration and high retention capability and long service life.
  • The pleated construction and the availability of longer sizes mean higher flow rates with lesser footprint.
  • Available in wide range of porosities, 0.2 to 50 microns.
  • The polypropylene filter media is capable of working at a broad scale of temperatures.
  • All components are thermally welded and hence the elements are free of any additives.
  • Pre-filtration for condensate polishing units in power plants.
  • Filter Media
    Pleated Polypropylene
    End Cap
    Inner/Outer Support Layer
  • Length
    60 inch & 70 inch
    Outer Diameter
    Standard (70 mm)
    Filtration Rating
    1, 5, 10 μm (absolute)
    Connection Type
    Code-T (Stud Nut/Internal Thread), Code-6 (222/Fin)
  • Max. Forward Differential Pressure
    3.0 bar @ 65 °C
    Max. Reverse Differential Pressure
    2.0 bar @ 20 °C
    Temperature Rating
    Max. 82 °C
    Design Flow Rate
    3.5 ~ 4.5 m3 Design Flow Rate /hr

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