Chapter 1: Basic Filtration

What are Filtration & Separation?

Filtration of fluids and separation of particles from fluids is critical to human life. Why? Because unless we remove particles from water or pollutants from the air, we do not get access to clean air and potable water.

A few decades ago, basic filtration technology was sufficient. However, today in addition to basic filtration for potable water and other fluids, extremely sterile air and water are also required for producing pharmaceuticals, APIs, cosmetics, and other such critical products. Hence incremental innovation in filtration and separation technology is has become essential. The absence of filtration or the inability to separate particles/contaminants/pollutants from fluids and gases changes everything. The quality of life dwindles and falls. Right from the grains we cook, the engines we run, to the power stations and manufacturing units, nothing will be the same without filtration.

As the world population grows, the world undergoes industrial growth and fights back pandemics like the COVID 19 – the need for filtration and better technology for filtration keeps growing.

Development Of Filtration Technologies Is Driven By:

  • Need for Water
  • Need for Food
  • Need for Transportation
  • Need for Environment Protection
  • Need to Manufacture Goods
  • Need for Sophisticated Healthcare
  • And the Desire for a Higher Standard of Living

Industries use filtration to varying degrees based upon the purification and separation requirements. These industries include:

Water and Waste water:

  • Drinking/potable water Purification
  • Raw water Treatment
  • DI water Treatment
  • Process water Treatment
  • Sewage water Treatment
  • Waste water and Effluent Treatment
  • Boiler Feedwater Treatment
  • Water Reclaiming


  • Remove Suspended Solids, Bacteria, SDI, Colour & Turbidity
  • Oil removal from seawater
  • Membrane prefiltration and protection
  • Membrane biofouling protection

Pharmaceuticals and API Manufacturing:

  • Depth Filtration for Precipitate Control
  • Endotoxin and Bioburden Reduction
  • Solids Removal Recovery and Reclaim
  • Sterilizing grade Filtration
  • Solvent & Bulk Chemical Filtration
  • Utilities & Plant Services


  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment
  • Filtration of Corrosive Liquids and Harsh Chemicals
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Catalyst Recovery
  • Recovery of Precious Metal from Spent Catalyst
  • Filtration Processing with Viscous Mastics and Sealants
  • Heat Transfer Fluid Filtration

Oil and Gas:

    • Downstream Applications
      • Injection water
      • Produced water treatment
      • Brine filtration
    • Upstream Applications
      • Combustion fluid filtration
      • Catalyst filtration
      • Condensate dewatering
      • Rich amine treatment
      • Lubricant oil filtration
    • Food and Beverages
      • Decolourisation of beverage
      • Beverage polishing and taste enhancement
      • Colloidal and microbiological stability for taste and longer shelf life of food and beverages
      • 2 stage filtrations for Aroma enhancement and retaining rich flavours.

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