Clarywound Cotton SS filter cartridges are backed by three decades of filtration experience combined with state-of-art manufacturing and testing facility. The filter cartridge is made from the best quality cotton yarn and engineered using a continuous winding process that creates a superior gradient structure for high filtration performance. The cotton filter media is wound in a honeycomb shape to ensure zero media migration. It also provides high flow rate, chemical resistance and excellent filtration capabilities.

  • High precision cartridge filter manufactured using best quality cotton yarn
  • rue gradient density achieved as a result of modern manufacturing processes
  • 100% free from resin binders, lubricants, anti-static and release agents
  • Efficient filtration, accurate micron ratings and high dirt holding capacity
  • Compatible with oil, water, chemicals, acids and alkalis
  • Pre-RO Filtration
  • Oil and water separation
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Electroplating
  • Power Plant water treatment
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

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All Clarywound Cartridge Filters are:
• Customized to perfection based on application requirements
• Woven to offer a gradient depth for superior filtration
• Available in different length and material variants
• Designed to sustain low pressure drops and high flows
• 100% free from resin binders, lubricants, antistatic and release agents


All Clarywound cartridges are readily available for your convenience. We also offer scheduled delivery service to fulfill your annual requirement of filter cartridges.

String Wound Cartridge Filter 10 inch 1 Micron, Wound Cartridge Filter 10 inch 1 Micron, String Wound Cartridge Filter 30 inch 5 Micron, Wound Cartridge Filter 30 inch 25 Micron, Wound Cartridge Filter 40 inch 20 Micron DOE, Wound Cartridge Filter 40 inch 20 Micron SOE with Endcap, Wound Cartridge Filter 50 inch 25 Micron DOE

To know how Clarywound Cotton SS will help you resolve filtration issues for your specific applications.

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