There are situations where a higher flow is to be achieved with less footprint. Gopani offers highflow cartridge filters in such applications. Available in both meltblown and pleated constructions, these cartridge filters have a large diameter and are available in lengths until 60 inches. Clary-T HF is meant for housing these cartridge filters. It can be designed to house a single element or multiple elements.

Features and Benefits
  • Offers higher flow with lower pressure differential.
  • Faster changeout of filter elements.
  • Inside out filtration.
  • Low capital investment.
  • Water treatment
  • Power generation
  • General industrial applications
  • SS 304, SS 316, SS 316L, Duplex SS 2205, Duplex SS 2507
    SS 304
    Silicon, Viton, EPDM, PTFE, Other materials on request
  • ASME Section VIII Division-1, GEP (Good Manufacturing Practice), U-stamp, PED 97/23/EC, CE marking
  • Interior/exterior
    Matt finish, Mirror finish, Glass bead blasted
  • Inlet/outlet
    ASA 150# Flange, NPT , BSP , DIN Flange , BS-10 Table `D’ / `E’ / `F’ Flange , Tri-clover (4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”)
    NPT, BSP, Tri-clover or Flanged (1”)
    NPT, BSP, Tri-clover or Flanged (1”)
  • 0.7 MPa (7.0 bar, 101.5 PSI) other on request
  • 65°C (149°F)
  • SOE
  • 20“, 40” or 60” / 152.4 mm (6” )
  • Preliminary specifications and features subject to change.

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