Wound Filters Specifically Designed For Condensate Filtration

Clarywound CPU

We have entered into an era where saving the resources, protecting the environment, and making the processes cost-effective is more important than ever. Hence, today’s power stations have to be super-optimized for cost and efficiency. They should occupy as less space as possible, check the emissions, reduce the consumption of fuel and water, and cut-down the discharge of wastewater. Add to all of these, they have to thrive in the extremely competitive environment. In this scenario the equipments that help optimize the processes are a necessity.

The Importance of Condensate Polishing Units

To reduce the discharge and consumption of water, it is becoming a norm to reuse the steam condensate. Condensate Polishing Units are meant for purification of steam condensate before it re-enters the turbines or boilers. Condensate is often found to contain both suspended and dissolved impurities. Chloride, sodium, silica, etc. are the types of commonly found dissolved impurities. Suspended impurities include iron, copper, nickel, etc. Using such contaminated water for feed can lead to scaling, corrosion, and reduced efficiency of the equipments. Hence condensate polishers are employed to ensure that the water entering the turbines or boilers is devoid of contaminants.

Why to Use Filtration Systems Prior to Condensate Polishing Units?

Condensate polishing units rely on ion exchange technology. Hence their operation is similar to that of water softeners. They comprise of the beds of polymer resins that remove the ionic impurities through exchange of ions. So, their construction is ideal for dealing with dissolved impurities. But the condensate also carries suspended impurities which get trapped within the resin beds thereby increasing the differential pressure. The differential pressure when exceeds the permissible level, the resin needs to be regenerated. Hence, higher the load of suspended solids, more the frequency of regeneration. More regeneration would mean increase in consumption of chemicals and discharge of wastewater. The solution to avoid this scenario is to utilize a filtration system for removal of suspended solids.

Gopani Clarywound CPU Filter

Clarywound CPU is a brand of cartridge filter produced especially for filtration systems of condensate polishing units. It is a string-wound filter that offers true depth filtration, high flow capacity, less pressure drop, and extremely low media migration. Clarywound CPU comes with a stainless steel core which makes it capable of withstanding higher differential pressure, and higher collapse pressure. Gopani has a a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and a modern, and well-equipped testing facility for wound type cartridge filters.

Advantages of Using Clarywound CPU Filter

  • All our filters, including Clarywound CPU, are produced from the purest raw material sourced from the world-renowned manufacturers.
  • Clarywound range of filters are built using continuous winding process. The hundreds of diamond shaped tunnels created due to winding pattern get progressively smaller from outer surface to the core. Hence, they offer true depth filtration.
  • Their higher dirt holding capacity translates into less changeovers which means less downtimes and reduction in overall costs.
  • The presence of stainless steel core makes them resistant to higher differential pressure thereby increasing their collapse pressure.
  • The availability of lengths up to 70 inches means lower space requirement.

Specifications of Gopani Clarywound Filters

  • Filter Media: Wound Polypropylene on a Steel Core
  • Length: 60 inch to 70 inch
  • Filtration Rating: 1, 5, and 10 microns (nominal)
  • Max. Forward Differential Pressure: 3.0 bar @ 65 degrees C
  • Temperature Rating: Max. 82 degrees C
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