Why wearing a mask is the most responsible thing to do?

The Corona Virus has wreaked havoc, causing cities to shut down and economies to crumble. It has claimed many lives and instilled fear in the hearts of many. During these difficult times, while many people could stay at home and work from home, there were others who sooner or later had to get back to work, take up traveling and come in close contact with other people. For these people, who had to move out of their homes, either to work, to buy groceries, or to attend to family responsibilities, wearing a mask was – and is essential. However, a lot of people undermine the importance of wearing a mask. We see a lot of people pull it down to the chin or keep it dangling from an ear. It is simple – if the mask does not cover your nose and mouth, you are not wearing it!

Why wearing a mask is your prime social responsibility?

  • Not wearing a mask in public is selfish.
  • Wearing a mask is a way of showing empathy and showing that you care.
  • A mask will protect you and the people around you from deadly Covid 19 infection.
So here is some information that will encourage you to wear masks and be socially responsible, protect not just yourself but your family and the people around you from getting infected by the dreadful disease.

Why should we wear a mask?

  • Masks with effective filtration layers cover your nose and mouth to form a shield that filters the viruses and airborne hazards from entering your respiratory system.
  • Many people are unaware that they are carrying the COIVID virus. One might be corona positive but show no symptoms of the disease. Such asymptomatic patients can unknowingly spread the virus and infect a healthy individual who comes in contact.
  • Universal mask use can prevent the virus from spreading further and can contribute significantly to reducing corona infections and deaths.
  • Wearing highly protective masks that cover the nose and mouth can reduce the impact of the pandemic – especially for those who live or work in a crowded environment or for the frontline roles where exposure is high, or they are likely to come in contact with corona positive patients.
  • If you are near a person who is COVID infected and if both are not wearing a mask, the chances of transmitting the disease are high.
  • If one person is wearing a mask, the chances are considerably low.
  • If both the people wear a mask, it is unlikely that the virus will transmit.

Who should wear what kind of mask?

If you step out of your house only to buy groceries, to take a stroll in the park, or for house errands, it is best to use reusable cotton masks that you can stitch at home or disposable medical masks available at stores. Make sure that you follow all other rules of Corona prevention like frequently washing hands, maintaining six feet distance from people, and avoid crowded places. If you have to go to crowded places or use public transport, then it is advisable to wear an N95 mask to protect yourself from getting infected. Additionally, if you have any symptoms of COVID like muscle ache, fever, frequent coughing, or cold – please use an N95 mask so that you do not transmit the virus to anybody who unknowingly comes close to you.

How should I wear/handle a mask?

Why wearing a mask is the most responsible thing to do?

Last but not least – dispose of masks properly

If masks used for Covid protection are not disposed of properly, they multiply the risk of infection. Experts advise wrapping the used gloves and masks in paper and keep them away from human contact for at least 72 hours before disposal. Cut or shred these masks and gloves before discarding them to prevent reuse.

Be socially responsible and follow all the Corona prevention guidelines. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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