Advanced pre-filtration technology for membrane filtration

Clean water is essential to any manufacturing plant or a similar facility. In these facilities water is used throughout processes and utilities for applications like RO purification, cooling towers, feed water boiler, cleaning and rinsing processes and product makeup.

Gopani Product systems is a manufacturer of highest quality prefiltration systems for all processes and utilities applications. Our product range includes a variety of wound, melt blown and pleated cartridge filters, self-cleaning filtration systems, FRP and stainless-steel housings. Here is our exclusive range of prefiltration technology for utility applications.

What is prefiltration?

Prefiltration is used to remove suspended solids and contaminants present in water to reduce the filtration load on filter membranes. Any compatible prefiltration consumables like string wound, melt blown or pleated cartridge filters are used to remove the larger contaminants. These consumables form a line of defence for the membranes protecting them from frequent fouling.

What are the benefits of using prefiltration systems?

  • Reduce the burden of filter membrane
  • Increase the life of expensive membranes
  • Optimize cost saving for maintenance and replacement of filter membrane

What is RO filtration?

Wikipedia states that

“Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to separate ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water. In reverse osmosis, an applied pressure is used to overcome osmotic pressure, a colligative property that is driven by chemical potential differences of the solvent, a thermodynamic parameter.”

RO Membrane filtration is an effective and most popular filtration technology used to filter water for both domestic and industrial use. However, for industrial and related utility application, where the feed water is often contaminated with heavy sediments, organic waste, bacteria and other contaminants, it is highly detrimental to the RO membranes. The obnoxiously expensive membranes are hence prone to frequent fouling and hence need heavy maintenance and frequent replacements.

Filtration of utility feed water for cooling tower and boiler equipment protection

Utility feed water is the water used in boilers and cooling towers. If this feed water contains heavy contaminants and salts or dissolved minerals, they get deposited inside the boilers and cooling towers. Scaling inside the boiler and cooling tower reduces their efficiency significantly and leads to corrosion related heavy damage. If the system needs descaling treatment frequently, it increases the maintenance costs, reduces the life of equipment and adversely affects its operational performance.

Gopani’s utility feed water treatment equipment includes a wide range of string wound, melt blown and pleated cartridge filters. We have designed these consumables for higher filtration efficiency and long service life.

Benefits of pre-filtration for feed water treatment:

  • Boiler and cooling tower equipment last longer and function efficiently
  • The system does not need frequent descaling and maintenance
  • The systems function efficiently.
  • Energy consumption is also optimized
  • The consumption of treatment chemicals also reduces
  • Overall, there are savings in terms of CAPEX and OPEX

How filtration and pre-filtration solutions enable water reuse or reclaiming?

In the era of sustainability – words like reuse, recycle and reclaim resonate with every person, every organisation and every industry. Water is a finite resource, and it is imperative to recycle and reuse this resource. Not only is water reclamation technique a sustainable method, but also has the potential to reduce the cost of water supply.

Water recycle opportunities include:

  • General wastewater recycling
  • Cooling tower and boiler blowdown
  • Recycling RO reject water
  • Rain water harvesting and purification
  • Grey waste water system
  • Reclaiming and reuse of sewage water post treatment

Gopani’s wide range of filter elements, activated carbon variants, wastewater reclamation system, and speciality filtration systems help optimize the reuse of water and reclaim water for new uses.

Why is water filtration, wastewater treatment and utility water filtration imperative?

All manufacturing facilities and industries need clean water for drinking, utility and industrial usage. However, the cost of clean water can dwindle the capital really fast. Hence, it is the most prudent to use filtration technology to remove contaminants and derive clean water for various purposes and utilities. In manufacturing plants and industries, water utility management becomes imperative. Water is treated in multiple ways using ultrafiltration, microfiltration and prefiltration technologies.

Why pre-filtration before microfiltration is important?

Microfiltration is a pressure driven process of separating, concentrating or purifying macromolecules and suspended solids. As per the definition by science direct

“Microfiltration refers to filtration of a liquid suspension through a membrane with pores of approximately 0.1–10μm in diameter, to retain microorganisms and other suspended particles from the process liquid while transmitting solutes that are smaller than the membrane pores.”

This type of filtration technology is mainly used for water treatment/liquid purification applications like:

Why pre-filtration before ultrafiltration is important?

Just like microfiltration, ultrafiltration is also a separation process that uses membranes. This technology has the filtration capacity for contaminants like colloids, bacteria, virus and suspended solids between 1–100μm in diameter.

  • Making dairy products
  • Concentrating proteins
  • Clarifying fruit juices
  • Removing pathogens from milk
  • Diafiltration in pharmaceutical biotechnology
  • Chemical process separation and diafiltration

Smart Filtration is the future

Gopani is very current with technology, and we can help our clients achieve higher level of pre-treatment by spending lower amount of money. Our pre-filtration systems excel at:

  • Removing colour, turbidity, suspended solids, organic waste, and oil from water.
  • Achieving low SDI and protecting the membrane element from fouling.
  • Preventing biofouling by removing biowaste and bacteria during prefiltration.
  • Lowering the operating expenses by reducing downtimes for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Reducing the impact on the environment and the capital expense of frequently replacing membranes.

Our filter systems are popularly used for pre-treatment and Pre RO filtration across manufacturing plants and industries like:

Check out our product range for pre-treatment and filtration on water in utility applications