The viscofil system is a fully automatic, continuous system that works as per the principle of depth filtration. A metal fiber fabric is used as filter material which retains particles of different sizes and shapes due to its depth effect. After the pre-determined degree of contamination has been reached, the filter material is cleaned by backwashing a small quantity of filtered medium; filtration continues during backwashing.

Features and Benefits

  • High solid content compared to other common automatic filtration systems.
  • Excellent retention of gel particles.
  • Filter fineness from 3 μm to 100 μm.
  • High flow rates, and excellent filtration efficiency.
  • Filters designed for operation pressure of 16 and 25 bar – higher pressures.
  • Minimum losses due to patented regeneration system.
  • Completely Closed System.
  • Fibre Industry
  • Foil Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Petrochemistry
  • Foodstuffs Industry

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