Pureflo high efficiency filter bags are designed for demanding applications that require critical particle size retention and dirt holding capacity. They are produced from chemically resistant polypropylene microfibre and can achieve particle retention efficiencies of up to 99.9%. Configured from gradient density layers, Pureflo filter bags provide all the benefits and convenience of a filter bag system at lower operating costs than other high efficiency technologies.


    Filter Bags

    Modern manufacturing processes and fabrics from the world’s leading textile mills are utilized in producing our filter bags. In many applications filter bags are meant to reduce...

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    SS Filter Housings

    SS (stainless steel) filter housings are utilized when precision is of the utmost importance. It takes a massive amount of experience, passion, and integrity to build precisely ...

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    UPVC Filter Housings

    Gopani is one of the oldest manufacturers of uPVC filter housings and can be credited as the pioneer who introduced uPVC housings in India. Our uPVC filter housings are a perfec...

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    FRP Filter Housings

    ClarySEA-M Modular FRP Filter Housings System are designed for a variety of industrial filtration applications. Built from fibre reinforced plastic, these systems can be used fo...

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