Porex Tubular Membrane Filter (TMFTM) modules contain unique, patented, structural membrane tubes. These structural membrane tubes are made from a PE or PVDF sintered porous substrate that creates an intricate network of open-celled, omnidirectional pores. These substrate pores are then filled with membrane which gives our tubes a unique combination of filtering capability and structural strength.

Features and Benefits

  • POREX Tubular Membrane Filter modules provide consistent, reliable solid/liquid separations and long service life.
  • PE substrate with PVDF membrane offers high-performance tubular membrane with superior operating characteristics.
  • Multiple configurations available to suit your application’s flux and solids level requirements (up to 5% by weight).
  • Patented PVDF substrate with PVDF membrane offers high temperature and enhanced chemical compatibility (pH range of 0-14 standard units).
  • Uniform, thermally-bonded omni-directional substrate pore structure provides an optimized support structure for tubular membranes.
  • Multiple membrane pore sizes available on two different substrate options.
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