The Polyfilt BF 3.0 is a third generation uPVC bag filter housing engineered for increased operating pressure, better hydro pressure and a higher flow rate. It is the perfect replacement for stainless steel bag filter housings. Made from 100% uPVC material the bag filter housing has a higher capacity to withstand abrasive and harsh liquids, chemicals and challenging operating conditions. It will work better and last longer than your stainless-steel filter housings.

Features and Benefits

  • PVC construction offers longer life.
  • Molded construction for product consistency.
  • Wide chemical compatibility.
  • Larger connection for maximum output.
  • The unique locator and closure design avoids internal bypass.
  • Easy installation and cartridges change-out.
  • Raw water treatment
  • Brackish water treatment
  • Sewage
  • Pre-filtration
  • Electroplating
  • Housing Sump / Top
    Advanced Engineering Plastic (PVC)
    Housing Lock
    Stainless Steel Swing Nuts
    “O”-ring / Gasket
    Silicon ( others on request )
  • Size
    Size 1 (7”x16”), Size 2 (7”x32”)
    Filter Bag Accommodation
    1 filter bag per vessel
    Bag collar type
    PP Collar
  • Housing Size
    7”x16”, 7”x32”
    Connection Type
    uPVC flange ASA#150
    Connection Size
    2” ( for 7”x 16”, 7”x32” )
  • Maximum operating pressure
    0.45 MPa (4.5 bar; 65.2 psid) @ 21°C (69.8°F)
    Hydro-test pressure
    11 bar; (159.5 psid)
    Operating temperature range
    4°C ( 39.2°F ) to 60°C ( 140°F )

*Fits standard size #1 and #2 bags. Choice of many variants of filter bag media is available. Talk to our experts to choose and order the best filter bag media. (Please put this call to action in Polyfilt BF specific page)

You can approach us for any of your filtration related issues, we will be happy to work with you.