With the Hydra Rainmaster Trio three stage filter, any facility that harvests rainwater can purify rainwater and repurpose it for utility. The Hydra Rainmaster Trio is a three-stage self-cleaning filter. The first stage filter includes a stainless-steel net cartridge of 90 microns, the second stage includes a wound cartridge filter of 25 microns. The third stage includes finer filtration with activated carbon or carbon blocks.

The impurity ejection across stages involves both manual and automatic processes. In the first stage the impurities can be ejected manually using a drain tap and funnel. The anti-reflux system ensures that the discharged water does not come back into the system and prevents any washed-out dirt from re-entering the system. The filters are available with ½“, ¾“, 1” in/out connection in BSP or NPT brass and plastic thread.

  • Made from non-toxic material safe for potable water
  • Three stage filtration for high purity
  • Easy, safe and fast installation and cleaning.
  • Drain option for manual cleaning
  • Efficient reflux drain system
  • Prepared for Kit auto
  • Maximum operating temperature – 45°C (113° F)
  • Maximum operating pressure – BSP versions: 8 bar (116 psi)
  • Maximum operating pressure – NPT versions: 8,6 bar (125 psi)
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