Depth filter sheets provide an economical and efficient means of coarse filtration, clarification, and prefiltration for a wide variety of pharmaceutical and biological fluids. We offer a wide range of lenticular cellulosic depth filter sheets and modules for both coarse filtration and fine pre-filtration. Our depth filter sheets are available in a wide range of sizes for use in process development to large-scale manufacturing units.

Features and Benefits
  • Minimum endotoxin contents which helps to ensure product safety.
  • Mineral-free, therefore minimum ion content particularly of calcium, magnesium and aluminum ions.
  • Increased endotoxin retention.
  • Rinsing volume reduced by 50 %, resulting in reduced process costs.
  • Very high chemical resistance and bursting strength.
  • Available with Activated Carbon.
  • Clarification of fermenter broth
  • TFF permeate
  • Cell cultures
  • Protection of sterile filter membranes
  • Filtration of nutrients
  • Color and Odor removal
  • Filtration of therapeutical proteins

To know how Depth Filter Modules will help you resolve filtration issues for your specific applications.

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