Liquid-Gas Coalescers are designed to provide the most cost-effective, high efficiency liquid coalescence available on the market. The proprietary interception, coalescence, and drainage layers are pleated in conjunction with a high efficiency micro-fiber media to ensure high-efficiency separation of sub-micron liquid aerosols from gas streams while minimizing fluid carry over.

Features and Benefits

  • High surface area, low pressure drop.
  • Standard version and amine compatible version available.
  • Direct upgrade for conical shaped gas coalescing elements.
  • Direct upgrade for most liquid gas coalescing elements on the market.
  • Multi-layer pleat pack design.
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Hydrogen recycle gas compressor protection
  • Burner protection
  • Lube oil recovery
  • Molecular sieve/PSA protection
  • Gas treating processes/sulphur recovery

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