These filter cartridges are produced solely from activated carbon and are also referred to as activated carbon blocks. Meticulously sourced superior quality coconut shell is utilized in their production. The carbon is made to undergo a set of treatments and is then turned into cylindrical blocks. Our design ensures that Clarycarb range of filters can fit within most of the standard housings.

Features and Benefits
  • No channeling, fluiding, or bypassing.
  • Eliminates Release of Carbon Fines.
  • Lowest extractable due to pure materials of construction.
  • Maximum service life and resistance to fouling.
  • High dirt holding capacity.
  • Greater chlorine removal capacity.
  • Chlorine removal from water
  • Improvement of taste and odour of water
  • Elimination of bacteria from water
  • Removal of volatile organic compounds
  • Removal of chemical contaminants
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