TheĀ Sure-T Respirator Advanced series imparts complete respiratory safety from all airborne hazards keeping in mind both your safety and your comfort! The filter consists of a complex multi-layered construction of medical grade, non-woven spun bonded and melt blown plies that provide maximum comfort, breathability and excellent filtration.


  • Air light with Extra Soft Ear Loops
    Fits snugly and you can wear it for hours without any discomfort.
  • Sterile Conditions & Materials
    Made in extremely sterile and safe environment for excellent filtration efficiency.
  • Insulated Nose Wire for Perfect Fit
    ROHS approved insulated single core nose wire stops unfiltered air to slip in through the gaps.
  • Non-toxic and Biocompatible
    Electrostatically charged skin friendly microfiber filter, latex and glass fiber free, biocompatible, moisture proof, respirator masks that are 100% safe for young and old.
  • Ultra-fine Melt Blown Fiber Layer
    Protects against dust, allergens, bacteria, toxic gases and a host of other hazardous substances in air for cleaner and safer breathing.

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Filters out more than 99.5% Bacteria & 95% of harmful airborne particles down to 0.3 micron.

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