Clarywound Extreme String Wound Filters:

A Benchmark in String Wound Filter Cartridges.

9 reasons why Clarywound Extreme is possibly the best string wound cartridge.

It takes a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and world’s finest yarn to craft products like Clarywound Extreme.

We are the largest producer of String wound filter cartridges in India and have the capability to offer wound filters with porosity as low as 0.5 microns. It is due to our manufacturing prowess that we are able to offer true gradient density in wound filters. Also, we utilize the world’s finest quality yarn for the production of our wound filters. Our filters offer high efficiency and good dirt retention.

Proprietary Filter Media

The most fundamental part of filter cartridge is the Media. And here we take the highest precaution. We use a special friction spun yarn which has a very high void volume. That means that it gives you a higher dirt holding capacity.

ISO 9001:2015 Manufacturing Facility

We recently renewed our ISO 9001:2015 certification with TUV India. Which is one of the most trusted standard when it comes to quality.

End-to-End Traceability

Each component or raw material we use is traceable to its original source. That means if there is a quality or performance challenge we can find the root cause of it. We pass this traceability to our customers as well.

Genuine Micron rating Guaranteed

We guarantee this because we perform 3 different filtration efficiency tests on every batch we produce. We also provide certificate of conformity to make the process transparent. 

Extensively Tested Media

Not only our Filter Media is proprietary, when we buy our raw materials and choose media for our filters we perform about 40 different tests over these medias. To ensure that there is no contamination in the media and it can perform at the highest level through out its lifecycle.

Integrity and Dust Holding Capacity Testing

Our R&D department has by now ran thousands of hours of testing efforts to analyze data and integrity values of every micron of Clarywound Extreme String Wound Cartridges. This means that when we say our cartridges are consistent, we exactly know our numbers and tolerances.

Our Talent & Ability to leverage Technology

To Excel in any are, you need to be passionate and talented as well. The consistency we have been able to achieve is only possible because of our proprietary CNC Machines that ensures that each fiber is aligned put in the precisely right manner.

Many Possibilities to Choose From

There about 1,50,000-part numbers available in our Clarywound Extreme cartridges. About 6 yarn types, 5 inner core choices, 10-micron rating options and 5 end connection options. This means you can find the exact wound cartridge that suits your application or customer requirement. Be it performance or compatibilities or pricing or all of them, you will only here one answer from us: ‘Can Do’.

We Can Handle Exceptional Requirements

Handling Exceptions: Even if your application requirement is special we have a whole range of filter cartridges and suitable filter housings to choose from.

All this information is shared with you because we know how important quality is to you, we are happy to help you find the right product for your application just fill the form below and we will shortly get in touch with you.

You can approach us for any of your filtration related issues, we will be happy to work with you.