Order Fulfilment is our Priority

Our front liners are keeping the manufacturing and dispatch operations afloat, and our corporate staff stays connected and responds rapidly to the customers and prospects.

Our manufacturing unit is operational, and supply chains have restored. We can dispatch the filtration equipment available with us as scheduled. For specialty filtration products, we will make the necessary arrangements and dispatch them as soon as possible. Order fulfilment is our top priority. If you are looking for a stable and reliable filtration partner to maintain business continuity, we will be happy to help.

Maintain Business Continuity: Join Hands with Your Trusted Filtration Partner

Many businesses have suffered due to supply chain disruptions. It has become very difficult to procure good quality filtration equipment when needed. Well, if you too are facing problems in procuring desirable quality of filtration products amid the COVID 19 pandemic, then get in touch.

  • We have a Stocked Inventory for Quick Delivery.
  • We ensure a Rapid response to all your Queries.
  • We have Optimized Operations for Uncompromised Quality.

If you wish to go through our product list before placing an order:

Gopani’s fight against the COVID-19 threat!

In these extremely turbulent times, the safety of our customers and employees is of the utmost importance to us. As we restore our manufacturing and dispatch operations, we are taking every possible precaution to keep the working environment safe and sanitized. We have adapted to all COVID-19 safety guidelines from Govt. of India, and are getting things rolling.

  • We have started work with limited staff, and will immediately dispatch products available in our inventory.
  • For other products, we assure you that we will make the necessary arrangements so that you get your orders as soon as possible.
  • Our corporate office staff is actively working from home and will provide hands-on support whenever you need it.

In such times of distress, it is upon us to ensure that no fellow Indian sleeps hungry. We request all of you to join hands, let’s help our nation and its people get back on their feet. As we do business and earn revenue, we will share our blessing with the less privileged. When you make a payment to Gopani, a part of this revenue will go the PM cares fund. We pledge to donate a part of the proceeds to the #PMCaresFund

If you have any urgent orders or if you are planning a post-lockdown procurement.

Gopani is back in Office

We have resumed office full time, and aligned to the new normal. #safetyfirst. We keep our work environment sanitized, maintain distance, and take all the necessary safety precautions. If you too have started office, please follow all the guidelines. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Our manufacturing and dispatch operations were rolling even amid the disruption, and we were fulfilling orders on priority.

It is now time to navigate through the pandemic and do business as usual.

We are working with a sense of urgency and also scaling up our capacity to fulfill the demand for premium quality filtration equipment to India and the World.

COVID or NOT – we are READY!
Are you?