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Download your copy of Catalogue here.

How Activated Carbon Can Lead Us To A Better Future?

The world has always been changing but in this decade we are witnessing the change at an unprecedented rate. It is so apparent that from henceforth every year we’ll be surrounded by newer technologies and services. While this constant evolution has a strong positive impact on our lives, it also increases the consumption of resources. Add to it that the population is also growing consistently, if not rapidly. Whatever products we use need to manufactured…
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The Ideal Filtration Process for Catalyst Recovery

  While catalysts are vital to various processes, it is equally critical to recover them. When you recover them, the cost of production reduces, which has a cascading effect on your entire pricing and profitability. When you recover catalysts, you also purify the process fluid. Spillage while transporting the catalyst-laden fluid can be hazardous, so the best solution is to treat them within the premises. And if you utilize heterogeneous catalysts, filtration is the way…
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How to Effectively Recover Vapours in Oil and Gas and Chemical Industries?

Oil and gas and chemical industries have to tackle several challenges related to the environment and safety of the workforce. One of the topmost challenges in oil and gas industry is hydrocarbon vapour emission. A similar challenge in the chemical industry is solvent vapour emission. These vapours of hydrocarbons and solvents can badly affect the atmosphere leading to several non-reversal damages. While it is dangerous for all the living beings, the immediate victims are the…
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UPVC Filter Housings – A Sureshot Solution For Filtering Corrosive Liquids

We have been solving the industrial filtration challenges since 1993. Innovation has always been our core competence. So, we figured out early on that in various applications, you need a non-conventional material. This made us introduce UPVC filter housings in India. The best thing about these housings is their non-corrosive nature. They have exceptional resistance to corrosive fluids like sea-water, brine, electroplating solutions, and numerous chemicals. Today there are numerous installations in India where our…
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How a Small Change in Pretreatment Solved a Significant Issue in an Effluent Treatment Plant

One of our clients approached us seeking help to resolve a challenge they were posed with. They own a huge reverse-osmosis-based effluent treatment plant. Supplied by an international EPC contracting company, this plant deals with large volumes of effluent on a daily basis. The smooth operation of this plant is so crucial that even a minor glitch can lead to huge losses. The Problem Their manufacturing capacity had increased, so more effluent was being generated….
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FRP Filter Housings Available Off-The-Shelf

At Gopani, we are constantly trying to foresee the upcoming challenges in the filtration industry, and based on our analysis we keep coming up with newer solutions. This is an intrinsic part of our day-to-day activities. The latest idea we have been working on is producing standardized FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer) Filter Housings and making them available off-the-shelf. The news is that we are prepared to launch this product in the month of June this…
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Activated Carbon for Wastewater Treatment

Note: Gopani is an authorized distributor of Cabot (Norit) for their Activated Carbon. While Cabot (Norit) is the world-leader in Activated Carbon, Gopani is one of the largest filtration solution providers in India. So, with the combined expertise we can help you design the most effective system for your challenges. (If you want to quickly read about the topic, you can check this presentation, else you can scroll down and read the entire article.) Industrial…
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Wound Filters Specifically Designed For Condensate Filtration

We have entered into an era where saving the resources, protecting the environment, and making the processes cost-effective is more important than ever. Hence, today’s power stations have to be super-optimized for cost and efficiency. They should occupy as less space as possible, check the emissions, reduce the consumption of fuel and water, and cut-down the discharge of wastewater. Add to all of these, they have to thrive in the extremely competitive environment. In this…
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