10 High Performance Filter Cartridges You Can Trust For Challenging Filtration Needs


Gopani brings to you 10 specialty variants designed for niche applications involving filtration of viscous fluids, aggressive chemicals, gels and agglomerates, and high temperature operating conditions.


The products excel in terms of price, performance, and quality. Check out the variants!


Clarywound Extreme BICO

Bi-component cartridge filters designed for Viscous Fluids and Operating Temperature Up-to 120ºC. The filter exhibits excellent depth filtration with a higher particle retention capacity.


Clary Wound Extreme Cotton

The cotton filter media is wound in a honeycomb shape to ensure zero media migration. It also provides high flow rate, chemical resistance and excellent filtration capabilities.


Clarywound GF

Wound cartridge filters produced from glass fiber, designed for filtration efficiency in applications that involve aggressive chemicals and reactive liquids at high operating temperature.


RO Protect Extreme

Clarywound Extreme

Depth cartridge filter that filters better, lasts longer and gives a consistent performance. We have the capability to offer wound filters with porosity as low as 0.5 microns.


RO Protect Extreme

RO Protect Extreme

Weld free continuous length filter variant with clean pressure drop, increased dirt holding capacity and longer life. Available in a grooved pattern with increased surface area for intensive applications.


RO Protect Eco Plus

RO Protect Eco Plus

Economical melt blown cartridge filter with high dirt holding capacity. The cartridge filter has an improved structural integrity, minimized pressure drop, and exhibits broad chemical and thermal compatibility.


Clarypleat TMP

Clarypleat TMP

Thick media pleated filter that offers both surface and depth filtration. It does an exceptional job of trapping the gels and agglomerates and is widely used in food and beverage and ink and paints industry.


Clarypleat PTFE

Clarypleat PTFE

Suitable for gas sterilizing filtration, filtration of aggressive solvents and organic liquids, clarification filtration in electroplating. Widely used oil and gas applications where process fluids are to be saved from humidity or steam.


RO Protect HF DPP

RO Protect HF DPP

High flow variant with a thick filter media perfect for removal of gels and agglomerates. A fairly priced cartridge filter designed for high particle removal efficiency.


Clarypleat 5000 - Pleated cartridge filters with very high efficiency.

Clarypleat 5000

Beta ratio of 5000 which means only one particle out of 5000 particles will be able to cross the barrier. Hence 98.99% efficiency. Widely used in demanding applications in chemical and oil and gas industry.


Choose a variant with correct quality, specifications, and endurance capacity to withstand your application environment. It lasts longer, requires less maintenance, does not clog or cause unplanned down-times frequently, filters consistently, and gets rid of any leaks or contamination worries. It will help you save maintenance costs the cost of ownership will be considerably less.

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